Art Gallery

Living Art Studio is now participating in Northampton’s Arts Night Out.

Every second Friday of the month 21 galleries in downtown Northampton feature new artists work from sculpture, photography to painting. We encourage you to stop by the Living Art Gallery on a monthly basis to view our current artist instillation.

If you’re an artist interested in submitting your work for consideration to be viewed at the Living Art Gallery please contact us.

Artists previously featured in the Living Art Gallery:

  • Chelsea Naftelberg
  • Stephen Baumbach
  • Jessica Sabogal
  • Molly David
  • Kamil Peters
  • Amy Mendes
  • Edward J. Moret
  • David Maxwell
  • Claire Lau
  • Katie Richardson
  • Scout Cuomo
  • Elizabeth Sylvan
  • Adam Arrowsmith
  • Mike Barrett
  • Julie Beck
  • James Nardone
  • Michel Bellici
  • Brandon Avery
  • Ryan Bonsall & Sean Sawicki
  • Nic Bertch
  • John K. Pease
  • Dierdra Michelle
  • Matt Orefice
  • Barbara Listenik
  • Arno Pinsonnault
  • Bill Cameron
  • Sloan Tomlinson
  • Kay Curtis
  • Caleb Colon
  • Deborah O’Neill
  • Canman
  • Peter E. Olsen III
  • Susan Renee
  • Beth Robinson
  • Louis Falcetti
  • Emily Ward
  • Laura Bergstrom
  • Andrea Newland